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Fall '07 Schedule Advice Needed

  1. Apr 19, 2007 #1
    Next semester, Fall '07, I'll be taking a couple math courses for my math major. Could you guys give me some advice on whether or not the workload is too much?
    Here is my schedule:
    Discrete Math (4 units)
    Number Theory (4 units)
    Electrodynamics & Kinetic Theory (3 units)
    Capstone Prepatory (2 units) - Basically helps us come up with a topic for our senior research project.
    Intro to Speech (3 units)

    What do you guys think? Am I overdoing it with the math classes and physic class? Or is it a good balance?
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    your'e just taking two courses in maths and one in physics, right?
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    I wouldn't say so. I've done more and I came out fine. Just work and don't get behind.
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    and those look like "easy" math courses.
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    Really? They're easy? I honestly don't know the difficulty level of any of the math classes I'll be taking throughout my undergraduate study. I'm glad you guys don't think it's too much or much at all. Whenever I tell non-math majors my schedule, they say I'm overdoing it. I guess I shouldn't be asking them, what do they know about math anyways?
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    Engineering students would find that a bit light because you don't seem to have 4 or 5 lab classes in there :rofl:. Business majors and most other non science majors would probably pass out at the thought of spending more then 2 hours per day studying.:yuck: :cry:

    Honestly, if you are a good student, that doesn't look bad at all.
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