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Fall class schedule

  1. May 31, 2015 #1
    Not sure if this is a feasible schedule.for fall. Our fall semester is 14 weeks.

    Cal 3 (multivariable). I am taking this one with a hard professor (had her for 2 other classess/lots of work)
    Physics 102 (introduction to electricity and magnetism) again hard professor and I am average at physics.
    Introduction to biology.

    The problem is that my physics class is 2 a week and it's 5 units. I think it's a 5 hour class tues/thursday.

    I would have took differential equation, but it conflicts with the calculus 3, because I want my calculus 3 teacher who is challenging.

    Now , the bio is scary and I would have took 2 math class and a physics because I'm familiar with the material. I am not very good at memorizing so I kind of fear wasting to much time. I will be working about 15 hours a week. And my school does not offer tutoring for physics beyond mechanics and calculus1. So I will be on my own if I get stuck. So I need time aside for extra studying maybe. Is it doable?
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  3. May 31, 2015 #2
    Or is anthropology less time consuming than bio?

    I can also take a psych class, I think it's the brain 1.
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