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Fall schedule

  1. Mar 15, 2010 #1
    I'm looking ahead at my fall schedule. I work roughly 20 hours/week, but it looks like that will be cut back to around 12 hours/week.

    I'm definitely taking Modern Physics II (undergrad QM) and Intermediate Mechanics. I'm considering taking Intro. to PDE with this professor, but honestly I'm a bit intimidated by the homework in the class.

    http://www.math.uh.edu/~boyarkin/MATH3363-spring2010/index.html#homework [Broken]
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    The homework looks pretty standard with the types of problems you deal with in E&M and QM.

    IMO, without taking a class on PDE's I feel comfortable doing those types of problems because they are pretty standard types of problems in undergraduate physics.
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    Oh. Well, I just started my upper-division courses, Modern Physics I, this semester. I'm taking Vector Analysis right now, too. So, you think that class won't be too bad then?
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    I was also thinking about taking an Advanced Linear Algebra I course over the summer. It's a five-week senior-level course. MoTuWeTh 10 - 12. I have a feeling it might be a bit much for me to cram all that in five weeks. I don't know, though.
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    Taking linear algebra can't hurt. You'll use it a lot. Also there is a lot of cross over between linear algebra and the types of PDEs you will do in undergrad physics, or at least my experience has lead me to believe this.

    However a 5 week class is very fast paced. Especially with other commitments like summer research or a job. I did a 6 week summer class on logic design and even that was rough. It might not seem like a lot but you really have to stay on top of things or you'll fall behind really fast.
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    I've taken the sophomore-level Linear Algebra. In addition to my required math courses in my physics program, I have to take one 4000-level (senior) math course. I asked my Vector Analysis professor which class he recommends being that I am a physics major, and he recommended the Advanced Linear Algebra I course.
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