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Courses Fall Semester - Course load

  1. Jul 16, 2010 #1
    Registered my classes for the upcoming Fall 2010 semester; these classes are only courses I need in order to transfer to USF. I've already completed all other requirements except Chem I + Lab.

    Registered courses: (17 credit hours total)
    • Calculus III - M/T/W/TH
    • Physics II + Lab - T/TH
    • Differential Equations - M/W
    • Spanish II - M/W

    Do you think it's possible to successfully complete these classes during same semester or am I setting myself to have a meltdown later on and fail a course (or two).
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    It will take lots of work, but seems possible... Calculus III combined with Differential Equations might be a bit tough though. I would recommend splitting the math up, but if you can't, then you'll have to suffer like me.

    You aren't alone in this - I'm doing:

    Calculus III
    Discrete Mathematics I
    Modern Physics I + Lab
    Art & Music
    Western History since 1500

    And my adviser had to override the prerequisites for Modern Physics I for me.

    It's possible, certainly. If you're worried, ask your adviser. And remember, you can usually drop a course with no record for the first week or two if it seems too much work. This seems doable, though course loads at different colleges can be quite different.
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    This schedule is very doable, especially if you generally enjoy math. Despite being 17 credit hours, the content for the three mathematics based classes are quite introductory and on the same level. I believe the only part of calc three you need in differential equations is the ability to take partial derivatives of simple functions. There's a little linear algebra in it too, but it's nothing too hard to learn as you go. May I ask where you're transferring from? I go to school in Florida as well.
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    In the fall I'm taking:
    Calculus III
    Linear Algebra I
    Discrete Mathematics I
    Principles of Physics I + lab
    English II

    I guess I'll be pretty busy.
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