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Homework Help: Falling from high dive

  1. Apr 23, 2004 #1
    yo, just curious - i managed a backbuster from 16 feet yesterday in the diving pool - who wants to find out the speed at which i hit the water?
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    You are kind of giving the game away by putting this in the homework section aren't you?

    Did you not "jump" up at all? Just fall?
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    no, im in college and taking no physics classes - i jumped from a distance of 12 feet up to a distance of 16 feet and fell the rest of the way to the water... and since the point at which i began to fall was 16 feet (my velocity at this point was 0) its the same as saying that i began to fall at 16 feet.
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    and i take back any "tone" i had in the previous post, seeing that you are a professor, not a high schooler with an attitude like i thought.
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    How do you know that you reached a max of 16ft?
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