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Falling into a black hole and time dilation

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    So for an outside observer it appears someone falling into is slowing down and then gets redder and redder. But what about for the local observer? From the perspective of the person falling I would imagine that the universe would appear to speed up tremendously. Is it possible you could survive to the end of the universe since time dilation becomes more pronounced the closer you get? Like is it possible that what kills you is the hawking radiation which eventually destroys a black hole and not as you would think the gravitational difference spaghettifying you?

    Also im referring to a supermassive blackhole.
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    No. There are many threads here already about the infaller's experience: He crosses the event horizon and very shortly after that reaches the central singularity and dies horribly; the last thing he sees is light that crossed the event horizon shortly after he did.

    Search for some of the older threads, or you can try this paper - even if the math is somewhat daunting, the English prose around the math is somewhat accessible to a layman.
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