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Homework Help: Falling person

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    Hello, could someone please help me out with the following question.

    Q. A person suggests that if you are in lift, which is falling due to the connection cable having previously snapped, you can avoid injury by jumping up just prior to the lift's impact with the ground. Comment on the validity of such a statement.

    Well I don't think that injury can be avoided by jumping just prior to the lift hitting the ground because the person inside the lift will have been accelerating towards the ground during the fall. Could someone please explain whether or not injury can be avoided by jumping just before the lift hits the ground? Any ehlp would be good thanks.
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    Well, maybe if it was only like 5 feet off the ground. You'll still be falling down at a fast rate, just not as fast as the car. It'll be like hitting the ground at 55 mph instead of 60 mph(not real numbers, just an example of what's happening)
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    Thanks for the illustrative example Romperstomper.
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