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Falling physical pendulum

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    All --

    With a meter stick standing straight up and pivoted at the *bottom*, what is
    the final angular velocity as it hits the table?

    I've found plenty of standard stuff on physical pendulums (meter stick
    pendulum), where I = 1/12 MR^2, period, etc, but I can't find velocity info.

    My dim recollection, and perhaps why I can't find the solution so quick, is
    that an elliptic integral is involved??

    The application is an interesting one:
    I would like to approximate the force one would have to generate from a
    pushup position sufficient to thrust one's self up to a standing position.

    If I had the required Vo, I could probably figure stuff out from there.

    I found some neat stuff, like the animations found in
    http://www.myphysicslab.com/pendulum1.html ,
    But, no velocity graph, and no physical pendulum. Otherwise well-done.

    Any links, hints -- or solutions -- appreciated.

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    Consider it to be a rod with MOI I=1/12 ML2, conservation of energy would work well here.
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