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Homework Help: Falling Skydiver Accel. Prob

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    Well, you'd think I could understand these problems by now, but...

    Q. A falling skydiver of mass 100 kg experiences 500-N air resistance. The accleration of the skydiver is: a) More than .5g b).2g c).4g d).5g.

    The prof gave the answer as .2g, but I get .5g by this: a=F/m. I put in 500N for F, and 1000N for his mass. Am I doing it backwards? A difficulty is that the professor will purposefully give wrong answers to us in order to "make us think," but we never know which are the wrong ones and which are right because we are just now learning this...makes it very hard for me to progress...plus I'm dumb I think.

    Thanking you for any help!
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    Draw a FBD.

    981N pushing down. 500N pushing up. Total of 481 pushing down.

    [tex]a = \frac{F}{m}[/tex]

    [tex]a = \frac{481}{100}[/tex]

    a = 4.81

    g = 4.81/9.81
    g = 0.49

    Your prof is a moron.
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