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Falling through walls

  1. Jan 2, 2008 #1
    I heard of this theory that says if you lean on a wall for a couple of billion years then at some stage you should fall through it. What's this called?
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    Due to the Uncertainty Principle... But the probability of you being Casper is very very very very low.
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    It's more likely that you die before that happens. :smile:
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    After a couple of billion years you would be, at best, dust.
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    Do you know of the monkey theorem? It states that if you let enough monkeys type on typewriters long enough, at some point Shakespeare's work is bound to come out.
    Though it is true that the possibility of this happening is definitely non-zero, I saw a calculation once which assumed a ridiculously large numbers of monkeys and showed that the probability of this happening from the creation of the universe until today was still smaller than something like 10^{-100}.
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    Might the probability be higher, much higher if you constrained it to simple language like maths, instead of English which has many rules? Surely you might get the complete works of Shakespeare in encrypted form too ;p
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