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Fallout 3 - PC Game

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    Those grapics are horrible. They really need to make revolutionary steps in video games because it doesnt look all that much better than when I played rainbow six back in high school.

    The robots dynamics are all screwy when he walks too. He takes a step and then scoots left or right because he cant walk over something on the map. You can see it on the bridge.
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    Here you can watch the better quality version of the game. I really don't play games but I have been following the Fallout series since it came out in the 1997 so I had to give it a try for the good time sake.

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    I used to be editor in chief of monthly computer games magazine back in nineties. Horrible is exagerration. But I didn't like it either, I have seen better animation years ago.

    They don't have to make any revolutionary steps, it will be enough to use correct technology available :smile:
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    Youtube doesn't really do HD gaming any justice. I think I'd prefer Far Cry 2 for more realism.
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    To be honest I think fallout 3 is an insult to the fallout series, but then again only weird people agree with me.
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    i remember hearing the game producers comment that this game was in the making for 4 years, but I don't remember where the video is on youtube.
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