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False Laws

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    Is it morally and/or legally incorrect to violate a false law ? -- by false law I mean a law that is incorrectly communicated from <A> to <B>, such that <B> only has knowledge of law details from information passed on by <A>.
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    That is, after all, one of the tenets of the American Constitution.

    (Of course, I have to interpret "wrong law" as "contrary to the constitution", which gives the concept a much more definite meanign as opposed to "one I happen to disagree with".)

    Laws passed by the legislature can be overturned in court but a case has to be brought first- the court cannot just announce that a recently passed law is unconstitutional. And the case has to brought by someone with with a "legitimate interest"- someone who has been harmed by the law- that is, someone who has been arrested for violating that law. If you believe that a law is wrong (unconstitutional) and should be overturned (not just that you don't happen to like it) then you have a civic duty to violate that law.
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