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Fan Design

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    Does anyone know about the parameters that affect the design of fan? For example, is there an optimum number of blades, or optimum curvature and shape for the blade? I suppose this has to do with fluid mechanics (which I know nuts)? Which particular equations am I looking for? Is there any book I could refer to? Thanks.
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    Well, you're asking some relatively broad questions. There are no easy answers. There are some folks in my company that get paid a lot of money to do the very thing that you are asking. For example, the solidity of a fan (the ratio of the number of blades vs. open area) is a tradeoff in what you need the fan to do.

    There are basics that one should know when talking about fans. Here is a pretty good link on industrial fans for some reading:

    For more in depth design and engineering data, you'll need to start looking at topics such as:
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    i'm still new in enginerng..
    i need to design a fan system that can push
    an object with 0.5kg in weight..
    did you have any idea?
    really hope your respond..
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    You have provided nowhere near enough information for us to help you.
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