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Fan Design

  1. Oct 7, 2009 #1
    Hey everybody,
    I am about to make some simplistic fan analysis for a hubbed axial flow fan (Single stage). What makes me confused is if I should use the classical "one stage" approach for compressor design or if there is another way to do this?! My aim is to carry out a simplistic analysis of tipspeed or Critical Mach numbers. Now, all the material I have found consider the effects of a number stages before this can be done. But the purpose of my fan is just to provide thrust as a propulsor and not the way it is conventionally done in a jet engine. I know that I have to use: the massflow, hub to tip ratio, pressure, temperature, etc for this...Any thoughts on the approach? Does anybody know of a good book to consider. I will borrow the Fan Handbook from the library today.
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