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Fan Performance

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    I have a fan heater which is rated at 2kW but when we check what it is actually using (voltage x current) it is only using 0.7kW.

    I am curious as to why this is?

    This is the fan:

    Are these fans 100% efficient?

    Jared James
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    At what setting are you seeing 0.7kW? The specs says it will draw 2kW when set on high and the thermostat set above the ambient temperature.
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    If the voltage it is being run at is lower than the nominal voltage, that could explain it. Does it have a nameplate/sticker that says what voltage and amperage are nominal?

    ...they may have also rounded off their energy data. .7 rounds to 1. That's a pretty good possibility because you aren't allowed to make 2 kW heaters that run on regular residential wall power (in the US, anyway). A 2 kW heater would draw 16.7 A and residential circuits are 15 A.
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