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Homework Help: Fanatical friction

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    i've just been given an assigment that's related to friction and what factors affect it. The basic stuff I've managed to understand is:

    1. factors that affect friction are the materials which the objects are made out of and the weight.

    so they're asking us to perform an experiment that will test these. they ask you how you will measure the force of friction. I think the coefficient of the force of friction would be related itno this, and then they ask what headings will be needed in teh table of data. I'm sure the amount of force needed would be related to this, but what exact variables would you measure? And how would you analyze it?

    ALso, just a side question, if you fell off your skateboard, how far would you slide? I can't give you anything such as the coefficient and any data but how would yo udo it, substituting all teh values with variables?
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    You have not given us enough information to help you.

    What kind of experiment are you doing?

    In general for this type of experiment the goal is to find the force required to start something sliding.

    How are you applying the force?
    What equipment do you have?

    If you can provide this details it will be possilble to help you.
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