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Fantastic gmail feature

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    I was just writing an email a bit ago. I pressed send and google returned with an alert box saying "You typed 'I attached' in your message but there are no attachments in the email. Would you still like to send". That kind of intelligent scanning is really impressive and useful. I did indeed forget the attachment. Instead of sending another email I was able to fix the original. Very cool!
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    Wow, nice one.

    Not that I use GMail, but I like the idea.
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    That is very cool, look http://news.cnet.com/take-it-back-gmail-gets-undo-send-labs-feature/" [Broken], it describes alerting you by not setting an attachment and also lets you "Undo" send if you press it within 5 seconds.

    Not much time, but if you put someone or something in an e-mail that you regret, this gives you a chance to back out gracefully, none the worse for wear, so to speak.

    There is also a "Mail Goggles" feature that prevents you from sending e-mail in the wee hours of the morning unless you pass a simple math test.

    You have to hand it to those Google developers.

    Rhody... :cool:
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    I tried to test this and it didn't work. I sent this test email from gmail to yahoo:

    without attaching anything, and it went through.
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    I just tried it again and it failed. Perhaps this is being tested on a small percentage of emails.
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    That's probably why. Hopefully there will be an option to enable this feature in the future.
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    Interesting features(if and when fully implemented)

    There have been a few times that I wish I could have taken a email back.
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    Last year the April fools prank was where you could change the time that the email was sent at, so it looked like you sent an email days before you actually sent it. Pretty funny.

    I sent an email saying I attached, didn't work.

    It would be an awesome feature to have though!!
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