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Faq in every forum

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    wouldnt it be nice if every forum had a sticky thread with faq about the forum in question?
    it will diminish the number of repeated threads (unless greg wants a lot of threads in which case the many more the better, ah? :wink: ).
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    I suggested this a while ago. The idea was to make it more difficult for people to carry out agendas not in the best interests of the site by providing a brief but reliable description of the current status of various major ideas and programs of research.
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    Is there a concern for frequently repeated topics?

    At the moment, each mentor is free to set up such a FAQ sticky. I'll consider it for the A&C forum.

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    you can see for example in maths subforums in here a repeatition of threads such as 0.999999=1, zeno paradoxes, divison by zero and more.
    i too have (perhaps, i cant recall) posted repeated threads but perhaps it will decrease if faq sticky thread will be in the forum who knows.
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    I suggested this years ago. So I should get a medal if it is implemented.

    I would also suggest one same topic to be included in every FAQ. That would be a definition of science, with an explanation of what constitutes a theory. After all, how many threads do you see start with: [insert model here] is only a theory, not fact. Blah blah blah....?
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