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Faq on equation formatting for this site?

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    I see that it's possible to use mathematical notation in posts, but can't seem to find any faq that shows the required syntax. Could someone point me to a formatting reference?

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    Not having any luck

    Thanks for the link.

    I've been trying to use the tex tags but all I get is a tiny blue icon with a question mark in it. I even cut and pasted a few examples from the link page but those too yielded the question mark icon.

    Do you need to upgrade to a paying member to use those tags?


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    No, anyone can use them, you don't have to pay. When you say you get that broken link icon, is that when you're previewing or posting? We've had some problems since the upgrade with previews, but the posts turn out okay.

    I'm going to move your question over to feedback in case this is another glitch since the upgrade now that you know the right thread for instructions and practice.
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    Another preview problem I ran across was that if you separate paragraphs with double line returns (from a Mac) and click preview, the preview looks ok, but the source has all extraneous line enders stripped out. (ie there is only one where there used to be two)
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