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FAQ sub-forums are great

  1. Jun 20, 2011 #1
    FAQ sub-forums are great!!

    just wanted to say thanks for creating FAQ forum in cosmology and general math.

    The exposition of concepts is simply awesome in those FAQs.

    will more of these be coming up ?
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    Re: FAQ sub-forums are great!!

    You are welcome! Some SA's are working on a couple more at the moment :)
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    Re: FAQ sub-forums are great!!

    that's simply great.
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    may i suggest that the scientific FAQs (physics relativity maths and evolution), instead of being listed in the "SITE INFO" drop-down menu should be listed in "FEATURES", where members are more likely to look for them? :smile:

    (the FAQ about how to use this website of course should remain in "SITE INFO")
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    The FAQs currently are in neither drop down :)

    Putting them in features is interesting. I just have to think about how to organize it.
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    (a bit off-topic, but …)

    why do we have an Image Gallery (see the same FEATURES drop-down)?

    i understand why the server needs to access one, but why do we? :confused:

    (btw, i clicked on the last page: have those two little guys really been fighting each other for 10 years?! :biggrin:)​
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    For fun :) An easier way to browse the forums resources. I've thought about a file viewer too. There are thousands of interesting attachments that over time get buried.
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    I've reused previously uploaded images a few times on new post. I know I can go to MY PF and look through the my Attachments to find them but it might be useful to be able to do a Advanced Search of the Image Gallery to find my and other members images for reuse. Could the Gallery link be added to the "Search in Forum(s)" list? It may not be used by a lot of members and may not save much server space. What do you think?

    Edit: I'm thinking a search on my or other member names not the image name.
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    Who uploaded it?There's no name.
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