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Homework Help: Faraday Cage question

  1. Dec 18, 2011 #1
    1.I must make a Faraday cage with copper mesh that will protect product from stray 400 MHZ signals.The operator wants to see his product inside of the cage so i want to use the coarsest mesh I can for visibility reasons.I still need good protection from 400mhz.What is the coarsest copper mesh I can use? Has anyone seen a mesh size vs frequency chart?Thanks.....

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    Holes whose dimensions are much less than lambda/10 are required (about 7 cm). In theory your could use chicken wire (steel), however, you want a good conductor to get the best shielding, and you need to seal all seams (particularly the door). Copper windowscreen is a traditional and good choice for this application; it has small holes, you can see through it, the conductivity is high, and you can solder the seams together. You'll need fingerstock or EM gaskets for the door to make a good shield. (Rule of thumb: the door and any seams or penetrations must be conductive and watertight to be RF tight.)
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