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Faraday Cage

  1. Oct 17, 2015 #1
    Screenshot (33).png

    Here is what it looks like
    Screenshot (34).png

    I have two questions.

    1) What if the guy sticks a finger out of the cage?

    2) The idea is that it doesn't matter if the cage is solid or hollow (has bars). As long as it's a conductor, the man inside is safe. What if I start removing the bars to make the cage more and more hollow. Eventually there will be nothing left of the cage. Would the man still be safe?
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    (1) If he's unlucky, the discharge follows a path that burns off the finger.
    (2) When you're done taking away the bars he's no longer safe. But be sure you are well out of the way when you have a bar in your hand and the voltage is switched on again !

    Next question: where does he change over from safe to unsafe ?
    Pretty late in the process. Lightning deflectors tend to be preferred paths for discharges. That's why we don't put complete buildings in cages.
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