Farfield Probes Problems on CST MWS

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Hi everybody!

I have some troubles with the farfield probes of the software CST MWS. I am designing a loop antenna and I want to measure with farfield probes the V/m at a certain distance from the loop (obviously in far - field region). After positioning the probes, I have obtained a certain value of field. I have tried to enlarge the bandwidth of the simulation and restart the simulation again, but THE FIELD MEASURED AT THE SAME FREQUENCY AT THE SAME PROBES WAS DIFFERENT FROM THE PRIEVIOUS SIMULATION! Obviously the CST have reached in both cases the convergence of the results using transient solver. When you enlarge the simulation BW, the input signal change, and so the enErgy (I've calculated it with MATLAB). I thougth that the problem should be that the probes give an absolute value and not relative so if the input signal change, also the field should be different...

Could anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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