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Fascinated by QM!

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    I'm not a scientist or schooled in any of the ways of scientific research but I'm incredibly fascinated by QM. My first foray into it was through a book (basic but entertaining, with drawings, etc.) I purchased back in my late teens that I can't remember the title of! It's at the office so I'll have to post that later :)

    I'm just a thinker and am always very interested in finding out how things work, especially things we're not familiar with. I'd take electronics apart as a kid to see their insides only to despair at not being able to put it back together.

    Needless to say, by my lack of technical education in these matters, I'm fairly intimidated by the level of knowledge most people have on these forums and don't dare ask some of my most basic questions but hopefully I'll learn enough to get to a point where I can at least formulate a question that makes sense!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Just be sure to read our guidelines before posting, it will help you make appropriate posts!
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