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Fascination with superhuman powers and its link to freedom

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    i fascinate about superhuman powers alot. who doesnt. i practice qigong in the hopes that one day, i can achieve that great level of skill that the ancient martial arts master possessed(alledgedly). but why?

    its because i want freedom. could you imagine just the little ounce of freedom you would feel, if you could leap thirty feet in the air, leave a nice solid indent in a brick wall, and heal from most wounds within a day, or even regenerate. im sure most of us would feel more secure and free, from just being able to walk down the street at 2am and not worry about some over cracked 200 pound bum trying to rob you, or walking through the forest off the trail, because you know you could probably just outrun a bear or wolf or be able to fight it off and go on about your business.

    even not having to worry about others. i worry about the females in my family, because of all the perverts running around trying to drug people and rape them, or just blatantly attack them period. i wouldnt have to worry about that if my sister had some type of super taste buds(:wink: ) , and could taste the drug in her drink, or if she could indent a solid brick wall. she would obvioulsy be able to take care of herself.

    of course, this is based off of a non superpowered world. where having the power, gives you the advantage. yeah money can save your butt, but being able to just have some good ol power at your fingertips. to help you at anytime. man, you cant beat that. what if a world war happened and alot of stuff was annihilated and we went back to survival of the fittest. you would definetly be the fittest, or even if you were just put in a survival situation. most of us let alone cant survive or even know about how to survive, minus and superhuman power.

    i think there is so much more to see out there, but we dont. why, because we're scared. we have no insurrance that we could go explore a cave and come out okay, we know we shouldnt go off the trail and wonder at night, because we arent strong enough to overpower the beast's that lurk.

    think about it. im sure you get my point. its more than just showing off to me, and being able to say "look what i can do". its the freedom that i want. i want to enjoy life more, stress free about worrying about getting hurt or others getting hurt, because i cant protect myself or others. i can only begin to fathom the freedom i would feel, from just a little dose of superhuman skill.

    just felt like babbling :tongue2:
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    If you look at the favourite TV fantasies, superpowers are one of the most popular. However, what has actually empowered the human race the most is technology. Some of the things we can do today would have required superpowers in the past. I guess technology is my qigong.
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