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Fast and cheap website hosts?

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    I'm currently using HostGator and I feel they are meh. I run a small chat on my website with a refresh time of 200ms, however I need to wait 2-3 seconds before the messages register, so we're talking about a 2 second respond time from HostGator. The pages are also relatively slow to load,

    I am currently considering switching to Arvixe, does anybody here have a know about what web-host is good for primarily speed and fast php response times? also looking for wordpress support
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    Hostgator has been a top cheap host for years. Are you sure your script is not to blame? Anytime you are on a shared server which can house hundreds of accounts you're liable to slow loading.

    Check this list for other options
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    Already checked that out and several speed-tests. HostGator performs worse than others.

    The customer service experience with hostgator has been nonexistent. And it generally seems like a poor quality service from my experience, I'm looking for something professional that actually does what you ask them to do(like transfer of domains which they ignored), this is what companies get when they don't respect their customers, they lose them and die.
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    Hostgator is now part of Endurance International Group (EIG), a huge web-hosting company that grew by buying up many small companies. They continue to operate under the old brand names and web sites, but with consolidated operations and support which is usually worse than under the old ownership. See the Wikipedia page for a list of web-hosting brands that they now control.

    Do a Google search for "eig web hosting" and you'll find sites and forums that discuss problems relating to EIG.

    I found out about all this after my college's web server for faculty, staff and students died late last year, and I decided to look for commercial web hosting for my site. I went with Namecheap, a non-EIG company, but I don't know how suitable it would be for Jarfi. It's been OK for me so far, but my site is just static HTML, CSS and images, with no scripting, databases, WordPress, Joomla, etc.
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    I would suggest trying Wix.com

    They not only provide a huge range of customisation, but provide many apps for free that can really boost and improve you website. it's easy to use and can be edited in any browser. Standard wix domain and site is free, and is relatively cheap for connecting your own domain, check it out: www.wix.com

    Hope it helps :)
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    What about 1&1? I've heard the hosting service is pretty decent and I think 50 GB of webspace and unlimited traffic...could be worth a look! :)

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