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Medical Fast brain growth?

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    Is it possible for a human to have an abnormally fast growth of brain size and development leading to a fully grown adult brain before say age 15 or even 10? If so are there cases like this and what happened to them? Is this how child prodigee comes about? Or is child prodigee usually good at a small range of things but the rest of the brain is still not fully grown. So unusual in one part of the brain only? I am interested in cases where the whole brain has grown abnormally fast.
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    child prodigies experience more at a younger age(their environment is enriched)
    as for the adult brain thing....mmm wasn't aware there was much size difference between 15 year olds and "adults".
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    Prodigees experience more at a younger age due not only to their enriched environment but also are capable of absorbing the extra material. So must have had abnormally fast brain growth somewhere. The latter is the main difference why they are so much more capable than normal chilldren when experienced to the same environment.

    What about 10 or younger year olds having the same brain size as adults? Or are you making the point that biological growth in brain dosen't really account for 'adult like thinking anbd behaviour' but rather the connections in the brain which can only be made by experience hence time.
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