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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Which of the following things are true given the sound data that is represented in the two graphs above? Select ALL that are true. (One graph of Sound Pressure v Time with what looks like a repeating pattern & one graph of Amplitude v Frequency with 2 large spikes at 512Hz and 1025 Hz and one very small at ~2100 Hz, straight line between these).

1. The pressure data contains a pattern which repeats over time.

2. The sound pressure data shows that there are no pressure variations measured.

3. There are only two significant frequencies present in this sound.

4. This sound wave suggests that when the data was collected it is possible that a tuning fork was played that had a frequency of 512 Hz.

3. The attempt at a solution

This is new to me, introduced briefly in a lab, and I get the idea that it picks out different sound frequencies and shows their amplitude. Based on the info I was given, I'm not sure of the answer. I thought 1 and 3 at first because of the repeat pattern and 2 major frequencies, but that was wrong. Then I added 2, even though I have no idea if it shows this, but that was wrong too. I don't think 4 is part of the answer as a tuning fork would only have one frequency, right? Please help

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