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Fast Talker Project

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    Activity 3: Writing

    The function t = 4.3n predicts the time t (in seconds) it takes n people in a row to say the tongue twister "A cricket critic cricked his neck at a critical cricket match."

    1. Find t(5). Explain what it represents. Show your work.
    2. What does t(0) mean?
    3. Suppose t(n) = 3.44 seconds. How can you determie how many people in a row said the tongue twister?

    I need help solving those 3 questions.

    Does t(5) mean that 5 people said the tongue twister in t = time?
    And does t(0) mean that no one said the tongue twister?
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    You've got the right idea, just don't forget to compute t(5).
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    Hey Melinda,

    Thanks a lot for replying. :biggrin:
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