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Fast vs. Slow

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    I need tips on how to slow down a fast telescope. I've heard of showercaps, endcaps, and dustcovers; but what I need are details on how to construct a good quality piece that will stop down the aperture.
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    Try the forums at www.astronomy.net. They are more into telescopes and other instruments than here.
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    Thanks mathman:

    I bookmarked that site for future reference.

    To answer my question for others, an off-axis mask will do the job nicely. Constructed easily from a 3/4" piece of plywood and a hole. This will (possibly) stop down the aperture which dims objects, but gives them more contrast and sharper images.

    It also makes it possible to create a place to "cap" a solar filter on to a large scope without purchasing a large solar filter (expensive).
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