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Faster Than Light Propulsion

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    You are all probably familiar with the theoretical work of Alcubierre, Krasnikov, Thorne etc in the field of Wormholes and warp drives.

    Anyone know of any string theory based FTL drives?
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    In Michio Kaku's new book, Parallel Worlds, Kaku explains an idea that was proposed by Richard Gott in 1991 where a space craft could circle two cosmic strings as they collided/passed each other (or wrap a single cosmic string in a sort of incomplete square so that two 'sides' of the square would rush towards each other due to their gravitational attraction, which would be the same as two separate cosmic strings). The resulting space around the colliding strings is contracted, allowing the space craft to accelerate faster than light according to an external observer, though not exceed the speed of light according to the space craft's frame of reference.
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