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Faster Than Light Theory #759310

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    Okay, I'm proberly very wrong on many things of the following, also, I know no theory can be good with too many IF's, but here goes.

    IF, some how, we made a portable gravity well of some kind.

    IF this gravity well was strong enough to make the pull of 1000 G's, over the entire ship.

    IF we then used this to pull us forward at 9800 m/s, for 30591.0671 seconds, (9800 m/s^2 * 30591.0671 = 299,792,458 m/s = C) would we then be going the speed of light?

    Also, IF gravity pulls with the same force no matter the mass (hammer v's ping pong ball ect) even though we would be infinate mass, we should still only need the energy required to move us that same first few seconds to continue to accel at the same rate.

    And, IF the gravity is pulling the entire ship and all the people in it at the same rate, we should not be smooshed into the back of our seats, yes?

    What IF we then accel for 30592 seconds, would we then not be going faster than light?
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    Wouldn't it be so much easier if you just start with "IF we can throw out all the laws of physics that we know of today....", then you wouldn't need to make so many IF's.

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    What is it with all these FTL threads?

    I can see no value in them.
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