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Faster than the Speed of Light

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    by Joao Magueijo

    This is a very readable book which I would recommend to students of physics in general. The first half of the book is devoted to a rather good explanation of the current understanding of the speed of light, Special and General Relativity. His explanations compete with any other coffee table physics book for clarity and humor. He does an excellent job of covering the difficulties in the current theories and the efforts being made to reconcile theories with observation.

    In the 2nd half of the book he tells the story of his attempts to develop an alternative theory for the early expansion of the universe. While he does not present mathematical details he does give some clues involving the effects of a [tex] \frac c {\dot c} [/tex] term.

    A significant portion of the story involves his railing against the juried journal system and academic bureaucracy in general. This does become a bit tiresome but does provide some humor.
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