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Faster than the speed of light

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    Here is a video of travelling faster than the speed of light by Veritasium :

    Could someone explain in detail about the spinning satellite idea and the reason why the carbon nanotube rods have to broadened as it gets nearer and nearer to the satellite ?
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    I would say this is already very well exlained in the video. The tether has inertia too, meaning you need more force, meaning you need more tether and so on.
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    Actually, this is explained properly in video, However I believe that what Einstein said was :
    "Light moves at the same speed in every reference frame" ⇒ Nothing with mass can move faster then speed of light
    All what's that being shown in the video is like an Illusion because no physical laws are broken because nothing physical is actually travelling, It's just an Image..
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