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Fastest Spinning anemometer

  1. Oct 20, 2006 #1
    (Sorry if this belongs in Engineering and not Physics)

    Alright, so basically the project goes like this:

    Using a dowel, create a windmill (anemometer) that will have a piece of string attached. The string will then pull a load over a set distance, and the time it takes to pull that load will be recorded. The windmill that pulls the load in the fastest amount of time wins.

    I already did this project last year, and won the fastest time, but I'm helping someone this year do it and thought maybe someone would have some suggestions on what to improve the speed.

    The dowel had the tip of it carved to a point to reduce the friction, and a small amount of grease was also applied to reduce the friction. Two liter bottles of soda were cut in half, then the bottoms cut off so they looked like (Three of them were then placed on the dowel creating a form of the S shape pattern.

    So this year the only way I can think of improving the speed would be to shave off any unnecessary wood, making the dowel lighter, and the windmill would have to spin less wood. Other than that I don’t have any ideas. Any help?
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