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Fat molecule, protein molecule

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    I'm not a science student. So, please keep your reply simple and straightforward. Thank you.

    A fat molecule is made up of two types of molecules: glycerol and fatty acid. There are different kinds of fatty acids. Are there also different types of glyceol, does it come only in one variety?

    A protein molecule is made up of different amino acids. There are different types of amino acids. Is this information correct, or is there some other molecules(s) other than amino acids which is also part of a protein molecule?

    Please help m with the above questions. Thanks.

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    Glycerol is just glycerol - always identical. Nitpickers will tell you there are possible differences because of different isotopes, but you can safely ignore them.

    Proteins - most of them are made just of amino acids, but some have also different parts. Hemoglobin has a heme group with four protein chains attached.
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