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Fat People Earn Less Cash

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    :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    This isn't taking into amount the money they spend on food. :D
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    The top wage earner in my office must weigh over 300 pounds. She can barley walk.
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    Evo; OMG, that must be so painful to her. Is she wheezing too?

    Everyone hates fat people. (ok not everyone, nice people don't do it, but your average joe). Because they find them "lazy" for not getting into shape, for prioritizing looking like an california specimen of man eating vegan and health-nut foods.

    I remember when I weighed over 200 pounds, man it was both really irritating, getting less sleep, being miserable etc. But, the most peculiar part is that now when I am fit; People are more nice to me. I get better service, people think I am more "capable" etc. That is FUBAR.
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    Now, when you say "people", is it ALL people or just the skinny ones who treat you better?
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    Yeah, even the fatties treat me better. But the skinny or "normative" ones treat me even better.
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    I'm taking a course in gerontology, and one of the things that was discussed was that people lose muscle-mass when they get into their later years. Fat Free Mass declines. Since that's on my mind, I couldn't help but wonder if about the ages of the people in the study. People of retirement age in the study would likely have both lower FFM and lower incomes. It seems that would have some effect on the results.
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