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Fate of secondary oocyte

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    Suraj M

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    After ovulation, the secondary oocyte is picked up by the fimbriae and taken to the ampulla where fertilization takes place... in case there is no fertilization, no sperms.... does the secondary oocyte move through the fallopian tube and come out through the menstrual flow? this is what we were basically taught, by our teacher.
    But, my mother(gynecologist) says that, if there is no fertilization, then the ovum is free to go anywhere, it can move out of the fallopian tube into the abdominal cavity, where it gets reabsorbed.
    Im surprised, i told my teacher about the second case and he says that its totally wrong,
    I'm not questioning either one of them, but which one is right, i really want to know! please, do help and provide a reference to a reliable source, i searched a lot but couldn't find exactly what i needed! :(
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    Your teacher is right..this is exactly what our textbooks says!! In all indian books i have studied, it is written that secondary oocyte flows away along with menstrual flow! i am 101% sure about it!
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    Everything I've been taught and managed to look up suggests that the secondat oocyte is expelled during menstration. As far as I am aware some of the endometrium is reabsorbed during menstration, is it possible your mother misunderstood your question? I'd be surprised if a gynaecologist was unaware of this.
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    Suraj M

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    No actually my mom didn't say it doesn't come out through the menstrual flow, she said the oocyte is free to go anywhere in case there is no fertilization. Wrong huh? she's surprised too. She says that none of her medical books mention where the secondary oocyte goes, because they say it degenerates and also because its really minute.
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