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Father and son

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    Two fathers gave their two sons some money. One gave his son Rs 15,000 and other gave Rs10,000 only.When the two sons counted their finances they found that together they had become richer by only Rs 15,000 Give an explanation to this
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    The two sons were given their money at different times, and the currency is deflating. By the time they have their wits about them and counted it, the currency had continued to deflate further.

    This solution takes some liberties with the problem, so it might not be correct. It assumes that the money given was not in actual Rupees but rather described at its Rupee exchange value, and that the value of the Rupee has remained constant.
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    2 fathers + 2 sons = 3 people
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    what davilla said, but elaborated

    person a is person b's father
    person b is person c's father

    person b has x rupees
    person c has y rupees

    Therefore together they have x + y rupees.

    Person a gives 15000 to person b, his son. Now person b has x + 15000. Person b then gives 10000 to person c. Now person b only has x + (15000 - 10000) and person c has y + 10000. Therefore together they now have (x + 5000) + (y + 10000) or (x + y) + 15000. Subtracting their initial worth, (x + y), you get 15000. So the two sons are 15000 rupees richer, so it is true.
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    Thanks Davilla I got it from there

    Warr , Thanks for elaboration
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