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Fatigue analysis

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    For a fatigue analysis assignment I am working with rainflow counting and S-N curves.The given data is a plot of the stresses in a wingbox during a single flight. I have already derived the S-N curves, did the rainflow analysis and stored the (half) cycles (including the residu) in a Markov matrix.

    So what i have now is the matrix, a plot of the residu after (four-point) rainflow analysis and the S-N curve. The assignment tells me to assume that the residu cycles can be represented by load cycles at Sm = 0 and the half cycles in the
    matrix are characterised by R=Smin/Smax=0 -> Smin =0. Now I have to calculate how many flights can be performed given the data.

    I have no idea how to do this. Do I have to use the Miner rule, and how? Or how else I should approach this problem?

    Thanks in advance.
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