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Fatigue calculations for stainless steel seamless tubing

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    Looking to understand Fatigue calculations for stainless steel seamless tubing

    Material: 304 Stainless Steel tubing (.375 OD, .072 wall) per ASTM specifications used at 158F degrees maximum
    Ambient UTS 515 MPa, YTS 205 MPA, temperature de-rated per MIL-HDBK-5J to UTS 473.8 MPa, YTS 192.7 MPa.
    Burst Pressure: 710 bar
    Proof Pressure: 568 bar
    Operating Pressure: 420 bar

    Looking to find the fatigue life of this tubing when cycled from ambient to 420 bar at max temperature of 158F.
    Looking to generate a chart reflecting the stress-life and just understanding the fatigue of this application.

    Attached are my current fatigue calculations.

    I will be setting up practical tests to verify this application, however I'm looking to predict that this tubing will have a acceptable safety factor.

    Any help that is offered is greatly appreciated.

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