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Fatigue lowest frequency

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    fatigue: low frequency and structural damage

    Hi all,

    I have a measured loading history and I need to calculate the structural damage through the Miner rules. The signal is measured on a rod element of a plough. As you can see from the load PSD, the signal has a verly low frequency component (lower than 0.15Hz) due to not homogeneity of soil texture. It's like a loading history where the running mean of the load is variable. I removed the low frequency component through a high pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 0.4 and the damage is 4 times lower than the one of the not-filtered signal. So is it correct to remove the variation of the running mean? Can I say the signal has a costant running mean in terms of structural damage? What is the load frequency below that the stress is not damaging, but can be treated as a static load?


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    Any suggestion is appreciated
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