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Fault locating on power line

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    I'm working on a project to make a fault locating system on HV and MV (11kv to 220kv, 33kv first).
    I'm try to make a device that can be directly mounted to the line (Mount on live bare conductors) to detect the fault in the power line and send a radio signal to devise mounted on the pole. Then the device mounted in the pole should send the signal (SMS) to mobile or a PC through GSM modem.
    I'm interested in Electronic but not a expert. These are the my tasks,

    1.Find a sensor to detect the fault (fault current),
    What kind of sensor that can i used to detect fault current in the line? (hall sensor, Clip on type CTs...Etc)

    2.suitable radio devices to send the radio signal to pole mounted unit?
    3.how to convert radio signal to SMS?

    any advice would be really appreciate....

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    jim hardy

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    Thank you Mr.Jim Hardy
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    That Jim Hardy - he's a walking encyclopaedia. Where would we be without him? :approve:
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    The kind of guy a person wishes they had for a neighbor.
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    jim hardy

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    You guys are way too kind.

    That my academic weakness is tolerated here says a lot of good about you folks.
    If i can occasionally help with practical side of things , well, maybe it'll help somebody struggle up the learning curve as we all did.
    Mathematician GH Hardy said to effect" There are students who simply cannot grasp higher mathematics. They should not be dismissed because they can contribute at a practical level."

    Thanks guys, for letting me play here. When i blunder please correct me.

    old jim
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    Your play is teaching me. Don't stop. :thumbs:
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