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Faulty memory?

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    Is it just me? i can remember peoples names, but whenever i want to use them i cannot recall them, and these are people i see 5 nights a week, one i am thinking right now, but if i see him his name will have gone :confused:
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    That's nothing - most people remember faces much better than names, but my boss forgets both. His friends once threw him a birthday party where they sent a bunch of people he didn't know to his house and then waited across the street to see how long it would take him to notice. They got tired of waiting and watching other people party after about an hour...
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    Here is the cure mate.
    say 1 name. then think about the persons face for 10 seconds.
    say the next name and do the same.

    go through the names of all your friends and spend 10 seconds per name.
    do this 3 times and you will remember their names when you see them till the day that you die.

    i had the same problem until i got this advice from a teacher i used to have.
    havent had the problem since.
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