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News Faulty Pragmatism?

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    Disclaimer: *All of what I say are only opinions of my own and do not represent the true state of affairs.*

    So, at the beginning of his Presidency Obama said that his administration would run the country pragmatically. Wen't something of this sort:

    Now, a couple of important points.

    1) If Obama has run the country pragmatically and yet the country is still faltering then maybe there is something flawed within the system.

    2) "Pragmatism" in Washington is subject to constant change. Thus "pragmatism" used in Washington has no meaning and is an empty phrase.

    3) If ever "pragmatism" did exist then it has lost it's purpose (the defeat of the Soviet Union) and needs to be changed accordingly.
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    Actually, President-elect Obama said he would "fundamentally change" the US - IMO - the press should have asked him to explain in detail what that meant before the election.
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