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Fav. Comic characters

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    As title says what are your favorite comic characters. I favorite characters are:

    Captain America
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    I liked Daredevil when I was a kid. Nightcrawler was also a favourite. I never really became very attached to many characters though. I enjoyed the Ironman comics I read though I can not say I had much care for the character specifically. Same with X-men.

    OH Wait! The Maxx! Yes, definitely my favourite comic book character.
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    I was a big fan of the Flash. Of course, I ran everywhere as a kid. I could walk and hike all day while fishing, then run the 3+miles to get back home when I got to the headwaters of Trout Brook.

    Superman was too *super* and Batman's talents were *?????* apart from his tech tricks. At least, the Flash could zip around.
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    Gambit from X-Men :)
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