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Favorite book ending

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    What are some of your favorite book conclusions, nonfiction or fiction? The top on my list were the endings of Thinner, and Low Men in Yellow Coats, by Stephen King.
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    No favorite ending comes to mind but I'll tell you that I was not one bit surprised by the ending of My Brother Sam is Dead.
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    Is that the one during the revolutionary war?
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    Oh, I get the joke now.
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    1984 when winston gets cured & becomes a prole & loves big brother. not the typical "happy ending" formula.
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    Reality mirrors fiction, you truly know your a prole when you love Big Brother:biggrin: .

    The ending of the Gap series by Stephen Donaldson was good, a real this day all gods die style thing, all it needed was a fat chick and an orchestra and you could of called it opera, but then that was kind of the point.

    The Ending of Crime and Punishment, the dark side of the human mind: pretty good.

    Cold Heart Canyon by Clive Barker had a great ending, that man's not right in the head BTW :smile:
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    The ending of The Count of Monte Cristo is by far the most awesome conclusion to a story I've come across.

    Also the ending of The Green Mile was pretty cool.
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    Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor", when a commercial airliner comes plummetting into the White House.

    Of course, after 9/11, that stopped being a great ending in a fictional book, and just became the tragedy of life imitating art.
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    I might have already said this before, but the ending of Ptolemy's Gate was awesome!
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    When I was little I read the Animorphs series. If you chopped up the last few chapters of the last book it would have had a great ending. I still liked it though.
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