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Favorite Classical Pieces

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    We all have a few classical songs that really get to us. The best, for me, come from movie composers. So share your favorite pieces, whether they be from movies, guys who lived 250 years ago, or anywhere else. I'm eager to hear them! Here are some of mine:









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    Vanadium 50

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    Anything by Portsmouth Sinphonia.
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    A little cliche but Symphony No. 9 - Beethoven

    And Cello suite No. 1 - Bach as played by Yo-yo Ma
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    Puccini has some good stuff. The link you shared wasn't of the greatest quality. In fact, in the related links there was a 2006 version of Nessun Dorma -- the last time he sang it before he died.
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    Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 8 in C minor (Op. 110) must be listened live and with historical perspective to fully appreciate.
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    Excellent taste! (You are named after the Kronos quarted, I imagine?)
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    Good stuff. I think the Cello suite No. 1 by Yo-yo Ma is in a new movie with Robert Downey Jr. about a cellist, I believe.
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    Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

    Here is the first movement, The Sea and Sinbad's Ship. This one made me fall in love with his music and won my interest in classical in general. This man was way ahead of his time.


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    I rather enjoyed that. I'll have to listen to some more of his stuff.
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