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Favorite line dance?

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    For those of you that pick none of the below, you don't need to reply in this thread.

    If you happen to be stuck in a Phillipine prison, you might learn a few line dances, like the original hustle:

    If you like both country and western, there's the good time:

    Electric Slide had country and disco versions, but I couldn't find good examples of either:


    Saturday Night Fever line dance (won't make you suffer through any of these).


    Superbad (James Brown) Shuffle, probably the best (at least longest sequence) of the line dances:

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    With no offense intended, the only line dance that I would like is one in which all of the participants died. That particular "art form" is a blight upon society.
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    Or a punishiment for Phillipine prisoners?
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    Being a somewhat youngish Canuk, I'm afraid that the reference eludes me. :confused:
    All that I know about it is based upon experience. During the 17 years that I spent bartending in a cowboy joint, those line dancers were the second worst pestilence that we had. They took up the entire floor where less indoctrinated people were trying to really dance. They're okay as a display, like in a floor show, but they have no business taking up space that others with a true joy of dancing would like to occupy.
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    A classic -

    y = mx + b
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    The easier version:


    Too many steps in the classic version!
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