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Favorite Music For Halloween/Samhain?

  1. Oct 31, 2005 #1
    Who are your favorite bands and what are you favorite songs for being festive on Halloween?

    Personally while I like some of the cheesy music specifically for Halloween I really prefer music that suits the Halloween atmosphere with out trying to be Halloween music.

    I just finished listening to some Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 'Lyre of Orpheus'. Wish I had his 'Murder Ballads', I should have looked for that before coming to work.
    Earlier I listened to Tom Waits' 'Blood Money' and I'm probably going to listen to it again.
    Other CDs I have that I may listen to before the day is out..
    Type -O- Negative, don't know the title.
    Bauhaus, Greatest Hits (including Bela Legosi's Dead!:biggrin:)
    Rasputina, Frustration Plantation and Cabin Fever
    Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Cthulhu Strikes Back and Great Old Ones
    Black Sabbath, Paranoid
    My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Hit-And-Run Holiday
    Tom Waits, Alice
    The Cure, Greatest Hits
    From Dusk Till Dawn, the soundtrack
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  3. Oct 31, 2005 #2
    Oingo Boingo ..Dead Mans Party
  4. Oct 31, 2005 #3
    Oingo Boingo is definitely good Halloween music.

    Can you think of any music you think is apropriate for the occasion that is more obscure? I'd like to learn about some new bands or songs that I have never heard of. The traditional ones are good but I was really hoping to find some more music.

    I love Halloween. I was a Goth kid in High School.
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